1. The 2019 Ducati Panigale V4 R Is A 221-Horsepower Beast

    The 2019 Ducati Panigale V4 R Is A 221-Horsepower Beast
    Ducati is at EICMA 2018 with a substantial number of new or revised models, but the real piece of supreme engineering is the Panigale V4 R, a 998cc version of the 90 degree V-4 that last year claimed the title of most powerful street-legal, naturally aspirated bike, extracting 214 hp from its 1,103cc unit. We all knew that the final target of the Panigale V4 project was to create the ultimate Superbike series contender—the bike that would bring the World SBK championship back to Borgo Panigale. Indeed, the just unveiled Panigale V4 R seems to be ready to stand up to those expectations.
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  2. 2020 Ducati Supersport/Supersport S

    2020 Ducati Supersport/Supersport S
    Take sportbike performance, give it more upright ergonomics, and top it off with Ducati’s treatment of a ride-by-wire electronic rider aids suite and the 937cc Testastretta twin cylinder engine and the 2020 Supersport is Ducati’s sport-touring machine more befitting of everyday riding while still capable of hitting apexes at the track or on canyon roads. The Supersport S version is even more athletic with fully adjustable 48mm Öhlins fork (base has 43mm Marzocchi) and Öhlins single shock (base is equipped with Sachs). The S also adds an up and down Quickshifter and passenger seat cowl as standard equipment.
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  3. 2020 Ducati Streetfighter V4/V4 S

    2020 Ducati Streetfighter V4/V4 S
    After being dropped from KTM’s lineup in 2017, the 500 XCF-W has returned for the new decade as the Austrian brand’s flagship four-stroke enduro bike. Sharing many of the same components as the KTM 500 EXC-F dual sport, the 500 XCF-W is an off-road-only model and is spec’d accordingly.
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  4. The Bottega Veneta Devotee

    The Bottega Veneta Devotee
    That’s what I appreciate about Bottega Veneta, you’re not distracted by logos or crazy hardware; it’s all about the shapes and beautiful craftsmanship.
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  5. How I Cleared Up My Eczema: Alicia's Story

    How I Cleared Up My Eczema: Alicia's Story
    Eczema is a lifelong struggle. To all of you out there with all variations of atopic dermatitis or chronic acne (to name but a few chronic skin issues), I feel you. It's frustrating when your skin simply won't cooperate when you're giving it so much attention and care. I can never rid myself of eczema; there's no real cure for it. However, I've learned to manage my flare-ups, from the small ones to the big, persistent ones. Smaller episodes clear up pretty easily with the right care, but there are times that the flare-up is particularly raging and simply won't go away.
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  6. Peach & Lily Collection: Real Stories, From you

    Peach & Lily Collection: Real Stories, From you
    It’s been a little more than half-a-year since we launched our namesake Peach & Lily Collection, and it has been so incredibly exciting to see and hear all your stories about how our products have transformed your skin.
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  7. The Peach & Lily PeachParty Tour, Part Two!

    The Peach & Lily PeachParty Tour, Part Two!

    Remember our Peach Party tour last year? I traveled personally with my husband to so many Ulta Beauty stores across the US to meet as many of you as we could, answer your skincare questions, and give mini skincare consultations!

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  8. The 30-Day Glass Skin Challenge: Real People, Real Results

    The 30-Day Glass Skin Challenge: Real People, Real Results
    Hi Peach Fam! We’re so excited to share the results of our 30-Day Challenge with our Glass Skin Refining Serum! These results truly speak for themselves.
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  9. Happy Birthday, Glass Skin!

    Happy Birthday, Glass Skin!
    I can't believe it's been one year since we launched our Glass Skin Refining Serum. My biggest hope when developing this serum was to create a toxin-free, high-performance, delightful product that would make it easy for all of you to achieve your best skin yet. Essentially, that means skin that appears so poreless, luminous, and translucent, it looks like a crystal-clear pane of glass — hence, glass skin.
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  10. Celebs Show Off a Mix of New and Old Bags From Bottega Veneta, Celine and More

    The Bottega Veneta Devotee
    Last week our favorite celebs were spotted out and about enjoying the spring weather with some pretty enviable bags—both new and old! Along with some of our other sightings, Hailey Bieber made a case for color as she stepped out with Bottega Veneta's newest bag, The Point. Her matching tweed set is also Bottega, naturally.
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